Crowdfunding DAO Treasury & Liquidity

DPAD is a DAO-licious launchpad for DAO creators to raise funds for Treasury and Liquidity. DPAD offers a safer investment opportunity into innovative Web3 ideas and communities. DPAD protocol is fully governed by a treasury-backed DAO.

Liquidity Raised


Treasury Raised


DAOs Funded


Flow of funds

Here, investors who like a DAO, invests majorly for the purpose & very less wants growth. The community of DAO is being promoted by such amazing investors. Be one.


IDO Contributors


Funds collected in IDO Pool


Funds distributed to liquidity pool and DAO treasury

In IDO pools on DPAD, all the raised funds are divided into the respective project’s DAO Treasury and Liquidity Pool.
The DAO creators can only get funds from the Treasury through proposals.
DPAD only supports the DAOs in which each token has equal voting rights.

How it works?

Funds from IDO pool can only be sent to your DAO’s LP and Treasury.

Create an IDO pool
Create a pool on DPAD for holding tokens to be sold in IDO campaign; linked to LP and Treasury.
Market your IDO in the community
Promote IDO campaign via social media, email, forums; create buzz in community to attract investors into the idea of DAO that you are proposing.
Liquidity Pool + DAO Treasury
Funds raised in IDO pool divided into LP and Treasury; LP provides liquidity, Treasury funds project development via proposals.
100% safe and secured IDO pool


Case 1

DAO creators can create token and DAO contracts from available template on DPAD. Contracts created from template on DPAD are already audited. Further audit may not be required.

Case 2

If DAO creators choose to create IDO pool with custom contract for token and DAO, then they must submit audit report from third party auditors verified by DPAD DAO.


DPAD DAO is tackling a major challenge in the crypto industry - the high failure rate of projects and the rampant scams that deceive investors. By taking inspiration from Nouns DAO, which uses a community treasury to foster on-chain identity and community building, DPAD protocol supports the creation of new ideas and communities backed by treasury-backed DAOs.

While the DeFi revolution brought about by Uniswap's liquidity pools on AMM DEXes has secured many community investments from scams, the problem still persists. 98% of the token projects launched through IDOs reach $0 in liquidity pools within 18 months.

DPAD's solution is to divide funds raised from the community into a liquidity pool on a DEX and a DAO Treasury. All token holders should have the right to vote on DAO proposals, and the use of funds in the Treasury should be governed by the DAO through proposals. By implementing this model, DPAD aims to ensure the long-term growth and prosperity of the projects it supports.

Benefits of investing on DPAD Launchpad

Every member deserves to know why they are here, right?

Access to community treasury of DAO

All your invested funds in any IDO pool on DPAD remain in that DAO project’s Liquidity pool or their DAO Treasury. And you as a DAO member get to decide on the funds usage

Members decide usage

Funds safety assurance

Out of all the funds raised in any IDO on DPAD, no funds go to DAO creator directly. They can give proposal to DAO for any task they want to do for the project.

Funds go to DAO for proposals

99% reduction in scam or failed projects

As the funds are always in the control of the community DAO, the chances of misuse of funds decrease substantially.

No misuse of funds

DAO Governance Rights

As an investor in any DAO on DPAD, you get rights of voting in that DAO.

Members vote for approvals




Community Treasury




100% funds directed straight to DAO


Approved proposal will be funded by DAO