Coinstore Pledges Support for DPAD’s YCombinator Incubation Phase

Coinstore Pledges Support for DPAD’s YCombinator Incubation Phase

We are excited to announce a cornerstone collaboration with Coinstore- a centralized cryptocurrency exchange established in 2020 and registered in Singapore. Coinstore has achieved more than 2.2M users with a daily trading volume of 82 million USD and there are over 120 coins and over 80 trading pairs available on the exchange. Coinstore is on a mission to disrupt the crypto industry by bringing in “fun and ease” into finance and this support for DPAD’s YCombinator is purely meant to bring the selected projects closer to the knowledge bank of human resources hosted by Coinstore. DPAD, however, is the first data-driven launchpad in the crypto industry that helps crypto startups raise guaranteed funds from VCs through ICO, IDO, as well as Grants, and is currently in partnership with Coinstore to strengthen DPAD’s YCombinator agenda for crypto startups. 

Partnership Benefits

From a knowledge-perspective, the pool of right resources and right information can make any startup’s growth journey smoother and as a Launchpad plus incubation pair, training sessions facilitated by Resource persons from Coinstore will improve selected startups and make their journey smoother and delightful. 

This collaboration will also engender strong connections and networks of ecosystem service providers coming together to form the best incubation hub across the Web3 space. In terms of technology implementation and market orientation, for example, Coinstore team will get the chance to have direct meetings with every selected startup and can make their offering more customised according to the startup needs. 

Coinstore is dedicated to assisting every project and cater for the specific requirements pre-listing, listing, post listing needs of projects that decide to adopt their platform. Explicitly, Coinstore has different proposals that may be of interest as outlined in essence;

  • Social Media Support (promo video, listing posters, push notifications, AMA recap, etc)
  • Platform Highlight (APP and web banner)
  • Publicity Activities (AMA from 10k up to 100k community and airdrops)
  • Marketing campaigns (trading competition)
  • Press release (South East Asia x7 – 2M + impressions, China x9 1M+ impressions, and more countries/regions)
  • Localise Telegram Groups and AMAs.
  • KOLs (Asia, Europe, North & South America, Middle East)
  • VCs funding, IEO, etc.
  • NFT Marketplace

All of these offerings are made available as part of the information value this collaboration is bringing onboard. Nevertheless, projects in our incubator are meant to evaluate the proposals from Coinstore and make their independent decisions thereafter.

About Coinstore

Coinstore is a crypto asset exchange located in Singapore. Coinstore is on a mission to disrupt the crypto industry by bringing in “fun” in finance. Like a financial arcade where people see complexity, Coinstore provides clarity. As crypto is becoming the “next big thing”, Coinstore wants to make cryptocurrency available for everyone in a fast, relatable and secure manner.

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About DPAD Finance

DPAD Finance is the first of its kind in the Web3 industry- unifying the total fundraising process for startups in crypto after the incubation process has been completed. In other words, DPAD’s YCombinator is Web3’s foremost “Incubation + Launchpad pair” whereby the Launchpad is data-driven and transparent in all dimensions. We are open to support from different blockchain protocols and foundations with mutual terms and benefits to derive. Communications from VCs and blockchain foundations should be forwarded to So, join this voyage and explore.

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