DPAD Finance and TechstormTV Teams-up to Unlock Southeast Asian Markets to Web3 Start-ups

DPAD Finance and TechstormTV Teams-up to Unlock Southeast Asian Markets to Web3 Start-ups

Delightfully, we unveil TechstormTV as our top-tier official media partner in the ASEAN Web3 ecosystem. Basically, Techstorm is the go-to media for partners seeking higher podium visibility across Asia and consequently, Founders will be able to showcase their projects, launch announcements, generate new leads and connections across Asia. DPAD, however, is the first data-driven launchpad in the crypto industry that helps crypto startups raise guaranteed funds from VCs through ICO, IDO, as well as Grants, and we believe strongly that the partnership with TechstormTV is a strategic move towards strengthening DPAD’s YCombinator agenda for crypto startups. 

The partnership is meant to push successfully incubated projects to further penetrate the established crypto market in Asia and also to explore the space. This will, without doubts, consolidate selected projects utilization of the funding support and advisory on business models to grow and enjoy some uninterrupted reach of consumers. 

Benefits of partnership

This collaboration will benefit both DPAD and TechstormTV as they seek to further extend their domain authority within the crypto space and fast-track the migration of enthusiasts from Web2 space into Web3 landscape.

On this synergy also, TechstormTV will have direct business opportunities with projects graduating from DPAD’s YCombinator which has a bi-cohorts yearly plan. As a result, Techstorm will enjoy more Web3 users within the DPAD community itself and also serve as a bridge between the funded projects and the ASEAN crypto market.

Basically, this collaboration will facilitate a customized price package from TechstormTV for all selected startups in every cohort- whether they are finally fundraised or not. Invariably, projects incubated will also have access to a community pool of over 35k users as well as the value-added contents which will be shared on both TechstormTV and DPAD Community.

Finally, and perhaps the most important point to mention is that TechstormTV is the grand host to Asia’s largest tech events such as the AW3 Summit 2023 and projects from DPAD’s YCombinator will be readily available to extend their reach across 11 countries via Techstorm with opportunities to register for events and enjoy the benefit of meeting new Founders, Marketers, KOLs, Speakers, Panelists and Delegates that have a grip of influence in the Web3 industry.

About TechstormTV

TechstormTV is Asia’s fastest growing Esports and Web 3 media network on 71 million streaming devices plus 15 million subscriber TV households. Techstorm is the brain behind the popularity of Web3 ASEAN Summit which will be hosting some of the best minds in blockchain technology, financial innovation and business transformation to discuss how these technologies can be used to create a more efficient as well as inclusive economy for all ASEAN members.

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About DPAD Finance

DPAD Finance is the first of its kind in the Web3 industry- unifying the total fundraising process for startups in crypto after the incubation process has been completed. In other words, DPAD’s YCombinator is Web3’s foremost “Incubation + Launchpad pair” whereby the Launchpad is data-driven and transparent in all dimensions. We are open to support from different blockchain protocols and foundations with mutual terms and benefits to derive. Communications from VCs and blockchain foundations should be forwarded to relations@dpad.finance. So, join this voyage and explore.

DPAD’s YCombinator Agenda

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